It’s weird to think that former NHL All-Star Keith Tkachuk now has two sons drafted into the NHL.

His youngest, Brady, was drafted to the Ottawa Senators on Friday night with the 4th overall selection. He now joins his older brother, Calgary Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk, North of the border.



With the fourth overall pick, the Ottawa Senators select Brady Tkachuk.

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Keith took some time to reflect on his boys’ childhood on TSN 1200, and recalled a hilarious story in which the duo wreaked havoc in their St. Louis house. According to the father, both boys would break their living room window so often with hockey pucks that Keith had the Blues arena guys come in and install plexiglass in front of it.

The issue is one which many hockey parents have likely faced, but not everyone was as fortunate to have an NHL Arena’s team come over and actually do something about it!

Brady and Matthew seem to have quite a close relationship, but the former has claimed he would take his brother in a fight. He also seems to think his parents are on the same page as him.


Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Matthew has already established himself as an effective NHLer and it shouldn’t be too long before his brother joins him. Soon enough, their own kids will be firing pucks at their living room window while practicing on the driveway.

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