The Humboldt Broncos bus crush left the hockey world devastated but more than three years later, we have some good news to share.

Ryan Straschnitzki, who was paralyzed in the accident, shared a video of himself standing with his walker for the first time on Wednesday, more than three years after the crash. As ‘Straz’ mentioned in his Instagram story, one step closer…



The 22-year-old  had surgery in Thailand in 2019 had an epidural stimulator implanted in his spine while he was in Bangkok, and had stem cells injected above and below his spine to help reverse some of the damage. His progress over the past two years has truly been incredible.


We should also acknowledge that Ryan’s father, Tom, has a great sense of humour. He’s a great follow on Twitter.


Continue to follow Ryan’s journey as he makes more and more progress. Keep up the good stuff!

(H/T Ryan Straschnitzki)