We can’t confirm that Jalen Ramsey is applying for a position something along the lines of “The LaVar Ball of the NFL”, but after hearing some of the things he’s been saying…

The star Jacksonville defensive back has always been known for his talking, although lately it’s been so outlandish that it’s hard to take him seriously.

Hockey fans will remember that Ramsey claimed making the NHL would be easy for him, and that he would just need six months (to learn how to skate) of preparation before making it in the league. This claim, as expected, had hockey fans up in arms, either refusing to play his crazy game, or challenging him to suit up.

Now Ramsey is making waves with his talking again, but this time he’s at least not offending anyone… except for maybe his own grandmother.



We’re not sure the exact angle Ramsey is taking here, maybe that he’s just an automatic hitting machine that doesn’t care who his opponent is? Either way, using his grandmother as an example is certainly an odd choice if he’s trying to argue that he’s not afraid of anyone.

Who knows, grandmothers can be scary.



(H/T Twitter/Mark Long)