Gritty and Gritty jokes have taken over the hockey world, but ahead of the Top 10 mascot moments on Jay and Dan, it was an old Flyers mascot that took the spotlight.

“Slap shot” was a Flyers mascot in 1976 and was described by Jay and Dan as the baby of Grimace and the Hamburglar. He only ended up lasting one year and although there is no exact reason why he got cancelled so soon, Jay had a suspicion based on the photo of him: Severe back problems.

After hearing that, Dan could hardly make it through his introduction to the top 10 and we can’t stop watching this clip.

Honestly, teams seem to be willing to try anything for their new mascot, so maybe slap shot could still get some work. Imagine having a grumpy old mascot? They would be a perfect fit for Twitter that is basically built for sharing gripes and sassing random people.

Or we could just stick with Gritty, he seems like he’s on a path to the mascot hall of fame.