Bo Bichette... has to be one of the cooler names in baseball, right?


Well if you don't think it's the coolest, it's definitely one of the easier ones to play around with. There's just so much to work with, and some brave tweeters showed just how easy it is to make puns using it. Bro Bichette might be our favourite but we'll let you be the judge:



Bo Bichette was trending on Twitter because of people making puns out of his name 😂😂

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Okay... Tow Bichette is also pretty good. Heck, they're all great!

So let's shift things over to the NHL and brainstorm some creative hockey puns. As our very own Luca Celebre pointed out in a zoom call on Wednesday morning... Boston Matthews anyone? Pawn Tavares? Or how about Glitch Marner? The dude does look like a video game glitch sometimes...


The opportunities are endless with these. Let us know what some of your favourite are on Twitter!