Joe Montana has an idea about what Tom Brady is going through. Remember, it was Montana who landed on a new team after capturing four Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers. But let's remember the situations were a bit different.... Montana had been competing with Steve Young for the starting job and the team decided it was simply time to move on. The Patriots, on the other hand, don't have a clear replacement.

Which has left the Hall of Famer confused about the whole thing.

Joe Cool shared his thoughts on TB12 leaving New England and wasn't hesitant to say that someone made a huge mistake just letting him walk. Brady spent 20 seasons with the Patriots before signing with the Buccaneers last week.



Joe Montana is still scratching his head over the whole thing... are you 🤔

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Many reasons likely factored into Brady's decision. Weather, income tax, a fresh start. But the largest might stem from an incident that took place back in 2017. According to Bleacher Report's Matt Miller, Belichick actually attempted to trade Brady after he led the franchise to its 28-3 comeback Super Bowl win over the Falcons. Miller noted that Kraft shut the idea down quickly, but Brady caught wind of it and was reportedly livid.



TB always knew 👁🗨⁣ —⁣ Full story from @nfldraftscout in bio

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Regardless, the whole thing ain't sitting well with Montana, who just so happened to be Brady's childhood hero. Montana never managed to reach a Super Bowl with KC, so time will tell if Brady can earn a seventh ring with the Bucs.

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