John Tortorella has never been afraid of speaking his mind. And now, he's not following traditional dress codes that hockey coaches have worn since for decades.

During Thursday night's game against the Philadelphia Flyers, Torts was spotted wearing just an official Blue Jackets-licensed hoodie on the bench.


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Is Torts a potential trendsetter, or was he doing his best Bill Belichick impression?

According to Aaron Portlzine of The Athletic, the Blue Jackets bench was feeling a little under the weather.

The internet still had some fun at Torts' expense, as well as the Blue Jackets themselves, who changed their Twitter handle to match Torts' outfit.

This isn't the first time Torts has dressed up in something different other than the standard suit and tie.

A couple weeks back, the Blue Jackets bench boss sported a sweater while battling the early symptoms of the flu.

When you're feeling a little sick, just channel your inner Torts and throw on the hoodie of the team you affiliate with, because those flu-remedies aren't going to cut it quite like a hoodie will.

The Jackets went onto win 4-3, so perhaps the hoodie is quite the good luck charm.

(h/t Columbus Blue Jackets)