Dak Prescott went viral a week ago when his very unique warm-up routine had people laughing it up. While not all warmups look that great, this one looked amazing. In fact, it almost looked like a dance move.


The Dak dance!!!!

While it may seem like routine warmup to Prescott and other quarterbacks, it struck a nerve with the internet that couldn’t help but meme the heck out of him. It became so widespread that even running back Ezekiel Elliott decided to pay tribute on Sunday.



He wasn’t the only one, though! Vegas Golden Knights forward Jonathan Marchessault also decided to pay homage with a little hip wiggling of his own.



Woah, is that Marchy… or Shakira? Marchessauly added a little extra spice to his version of the now-viral dance, and we’re thinking it may JUST be the best one yet.

(H/T Vegas Golden Knights)