Things haven’t gone so well for the Toronto Maple Leafs recently. They are losers of five straight after falling to the Sidney Crosby-less Penguins in a 6-1 loss on Saturday, and even the Leafs subreddit has turned on the team in favour of becoming... a tree leaves subreddit.

But there’s at least one Leafs fan who isn’t wavering in loyalty right now. Whether win or lose — and it’s been much more of the latter recently — Justin Bieber is ride or die for his team.



Biebs is loyal to the soil 😂

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Bieber has never been shy about his Leafs fandom, and it looks like he’ll stick with the team through thick and thin. Biebs more loyal than the Redditors? Well, we can’t say we saw it coming.

All the same, the Leafs are very much at a low point right now, with Auston Matthews going as far as to say that it would be tough to get worse. Staying loyal to a team is nice, but if it doesn’t pay dividends soon, Leafs fans could be in for a hectic time.



Matthews mentions confidence as an issue after another bad Leafs loss.

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