Prank wars happen on every professional sports team and whenever the pranks become public or get told to the media, the fans get to enjoy them, too.

Last season, for example, Phil Kessel and Evgeni Malkin of the Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins had some fun playing pranks on each other.

Between guys like Kessel, Malkin, Kris Letang, and Marc-Andre Fleury, we're sure there were a bunch of pranks being played by the Penguins over the past two seasons.

On Thursday, Justin Schultz confirmed that fact in a Reddit AMA.  The 27-year-old was traded to Pittsburgh during the 2015-16 season by Edmonton and played a key role in the Pens' back-to-back Cup wins.

During the AMA, Schultz was asked by a fan (Reddit User McCowan-) if he was part of a prank war within the team and what was the best prank that happened to him.

Schultz responded with a wonderful story about being pranked by Fleury shortly after being traded to the Penguins.

"I'm not a part of any prank war. I try to stay away from that stuff so it doesn't happen to me. The best prank that happened to me was right when I got here, my first or second practice. I go out for practice and all my street clothes are hanging up in the rafters thanks to Flower. I would say that was a good one."

A solid prank to say the least, and it's really not a surprise Fleury was behind it considering he's done the prank in the past:

Fleury pranks 20-year-old rookie Simon Despres back in 2011 (

Flower has also pulled off other hilarious pranks, too.

For any Golden Knights players that don't know Fleury's a prankster, we're sure they'll find that fact out soon enough.



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