Unlike in hockey, the only player who can record an assist on a play in basketball is the teammate who touches the ball before the scorer puts it into the net. However, play-by-play announcers still use the term "hockey assist" from time-to-time to highlight a player who may have helped a play develop, but didn't get officially get credit for an assist.

Sunday, Carolina Hurricanes forward Justin Williams decided to show the basketball world what a real hockey assist looks like, teaming up with the Harlem Globetrotters to do so. Watch as Williams shows off his stickwork on the hardwood.




Williams isn't the only NHLer who showed off his basketball skills this year. No, no. Both Phil Kessel and Ryan Reaves showcased their hoop dreams earlier in the season in a game of one-on-one that honestly couldn't have been more one-sided.



 If they had used hockey sticks, this might have turned out way differently for Phil.