Toronto Raptors fans were living a dream up until July 6th, that is until Kawhi Leonard woke everyone up in the worst way imaginable.  The former Raptor decided to take his talents to the Clippers and now, it feels like Toronto has escaped the minds of basketball fans despite being the reigning champs.

Thursday, NBA 2K20 dropped their new gameplay trailer and it ties into the feeling of the Raptors being forgotten perfectly because the ONLY clip of Toronto in the trailer was Kawhi dunking on a Raptors player in "The 6ix."

Not a ton of respect for the NBA champs and fans took notice of their team's complete non-existence in the trailer.

That's cold, but Raptors fans are used to the cold and the disrespect.  Kawhi is gone, but Toronto is loaded with talent and the league is more wide-open now than it has been in a long time.  Sleep on the Raps if you'd like, but do so at your own risk.
(H/T: NBA 2K)