Kawhi Leonard is a man you could describe as being of few words. They Toronto Raptors superstar is known for his shy attitude, and his desire to stay out of the spotlight. Don't even look for him on social media, he's not interested in any of that. 

Of course, being a professional basketball player comes with at least a LITTLE obligatory spotlight, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. In Kawhi's case, it's led to some pretty funny moments in which he acts a little extra "Kawhi".

He gave us one of those following Friday's Game 3 win over the Orlando Magic when he was asked about feeling under the weather ahead of the game. 



#Kawhi Leonard keeps his answer straight and to the point 😂

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The short answer, the refusal to smile despite reporters audibly laughing (presumably "with him" and not "at him"), and the awkward shuffle away. Ah yes, peak Kawhi. 

It is refreshing to have a guy that is so all business in the league. Lots of players would take the opportunity to crack jokes or say something controversial. Not Kawhi, the man just wants to win. 

He's good at it too. ​