Kawhi Leonard's introductory press conference with the Toronto Raptors just over a week ago was highlighted by one thing, his laugh.

All anyone wanted to talk about (and in some cases make fun of) was Kawhi's laugh that immediately went viral.  It's unfortunate how some reacted to his laugh, but as Leonard shared on Tuesday, he's not fazed by the reactions.

Kawhi has his sights set on all things basketball, not social media trends and memes.  

Regardless of whether he signs with the Raptors long-term or not, basketball has to be his main focus now more than ever because he could be playing for a contract from another team and he has to prove to himself and the rest of the league he's one of the best players in basketball.

Playing a full season and leading the Raptors to the playoffs would certainly erase the doubts and in just over two weeks, the quest for the postseason begins when Toronto opens its season.

(H/T: Eric Woodyard)