With only a few games remaining on the regular season calendar in the NBA, the Eastern Conference standings continue to shuffle.

Wednesday, LeBron James and the Cavaliers swiftly showed the Celtics why they're still considered the real favourites in the East, with a firm beat down. Meanwhile, the Raptors have continued to press the Wizards for the third seed in the East, with the two squads currently locked in a dead heat with a record of 48-31. Friday, Kyle Lowry was asked for his opinion on the Eastern conference seeding going into the playoffs, and the guard kept it very candid.

Of course, Lowry was referring to the 2015 playoffs when the Washington Wizards were viewed as a desirable round one opponent. The Raptors went on to get swept by the Wizards, and fans in Canada were given yet another reason to strongly dislike facing 'The Truth,' with Paul Pierce continuing his playoff dominance over the Raps.

Who would you want to see the Raptors face in round one?