You might not be able to recognize a few Leafs players on the street in the middle of the NHL season. Why you might ask? Well, some of them might be rocking a grizzled beard or some hipster looking moustache.

Over the past few seasons, hockey fans became very familiar with one of the Maple Leafs’ key rules: NO FACIAL HAIR!!!! Former general manager Lou Lamoriello enforced a strict clean-look policy, so any change in look was basically out of the equation. But new GM Kyle Dubas doesn’t seem to be fazed by beards or staches, which is good news for some of the players. When asked about it at the team’s media day, Dubas said he has discontinued Lou’s rule.


This is probably a good thing for the players considering they make up one of the youngest cores in the league. Now Mitchy, Aussie and Willie can add some intimidation to their look! Some of them have clearly gotten off to a head start before action kicks off in October.


Lou’s facial hair rule wasn’t the only one he had in place. Did you notice last year how few players wore a high number? That’s because the 75-year-old doesn’t like’em. So him bouncing is probably good news for John Tavares’ and his notable #91!


It’s going to be one wild season in Toronto.

(H/T Kristen Shilton)