LeBron James is most certainly one of the players in the league that receive the 'superstar' treatment from referees. It's pretty much a fact at this point.

Although that may seem unfair, as referees are are supposed to remain impartial, it's kind of tuft to remain objective when your officiating an all-time legend. That's just human nature. However, when referees let LeBron get away with things like this, it's just plain strange.

Sunday night during the Cavaliers game versus the Lakers, LeBron received the ball on an inbound pass and proceeded to walk up the court without a care in the world without dribbling.



That's not even kind of traveling, that's just total traveling. It was so blatant that it's truly hard to understand how the refs could miss that. But perhaps it had something to do with them still trying to process how he pulled off this pass.

We suppose that was a hypnotically good pass.