Like many other teams in the NBA, the Miami Heat have revealed their “City Edition” alternate jerseys for the season — an update that renders last season’s sweet Vice Nights uniform in black.

Let’s just say that these bear a suspicious resemblance to the jerseys worn by the team of LeBron James’ son, and, well, the King has questions.

This is probably in jest, since the Heat ran with this design in white last season, and the city of Miami has had claim to teal and pink at least since Miami Vice began airing on TV in the 1980s.

But, you know, it’s also never too early to begin recruiting, and the Heat might just want to have LeBron’s son follow his father’s footsteps one day in a Heat jersey.

If the team ever finds itself in need of more immediate assistance at shooting guard, Florida Panthers centre Aleksander Barkov wants the Heat to know that he’s available.


h/t Twitter/KingJames