Lindsey Vonn is one of the more active athletes on social media, and if you follow her, you’ll know her love for her three dogs Lucy, Leo and Bear Vonn.

She even has her own Instagram account called ‘Vonn’s dogs.” 


Missing my brothers... Christmas break was epic #beggingallday

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 They’ve even made numerous appearances in her workout videos. 


Mom we wanna play too!!

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Vonn is getting ready for her third Olympics (she missed the Sochi games after she injured just prior to the games and was forced to sit out), and on Wednesday, she shared a video of herself with her good pal Lucy.

Except this wasn’t any normal video of herself working out The 34-year-old took to the slopes in her skiing outfit and had her special friend Lucy with her.

What a good and fearless little doggie. Good girl, Lucy.

(h/t Lindsey Vonn)