If you’ve ever been to the Mastercard Centre to take in a Leafs practice, you’ve probably seen one of Patrick Marleau’s sons running around the concourse of the building. Heck, you’ve probably even seen them hovering around the glass or even right on the bench, cheering their 39-year-old dad on with his young teammates. They’ve taken part in some pretty adorable moments with players and one of them is making headlines again after sharing a special moment with Auston Matthews.

The 21-year-old is back on the ice after suffering a shoulder injury on  October 27th and made sure to give one of Marleau’s little dudes some love on the ice. TSN’s Kristen Shilton took captured a special moment of Marleau fist-bumping either Landon or Brody and it’s gaining all kinds of love on Twitter.


The picture is great and all, but one tweeter pointed out a pretty good point: why isn’t the kid in school!


Maybe it’s take your kid to work day or something?

Marleau’s son Brody just recently made headlines for squaring off with one of Matthews' teammates. While taking in practice from the bench, he and Mitch Marner got into a bit of a water fight before papa Marleau had to step in.


Think we can call agree that it’d be pretty fun to be a member of the Marleau family.

(H/T Kristen Shilton)