There’s kind of this unwritten rule in sports. When a veteran player makes his/her way over from another team, they’re typically given the same number they previously wore, even if a different player is occupying it upon their arrival. But over in Indy, that isn’t exactly the case this time around for recently acquired quarterback Carson Wentz.

Sorry Carson, the number’s taken and he ain’t giving it up.

In fact, it’s arguably Wentz’s number one receiver Michael Pittman Jr. This awkward situation probably isn’t the first encounter you want with your new man under centre but hey, we respect Pittman Jr. for standing up for himself! His explanation for not giving it up? Well, it’s already his!


Power move, and we can’t help but wonder what number Carson’s going to go with. Meanwhile, over in the NHL, Derek Stepan let Logan Brown keep 21… and then took it back. Also a power move, but not also pretty gutless.



At the end of the day, a number’s a number, but then again, athletes can be pretty darn superstitious. Time will tell what Wentz goes with.

(H/T John Clark)