We aren’t far out from the William Nylander situation finally reaching a head. The deadline is 5pm ET on Saturday for Nylander and the Toronto Maple Leafs to work out what the talented forward’s future will look like.

It all comes down to three options; he signs with the Leafs, the Leafs trade him, or he sits out the season.

Breathe, people, we’re almost there.

With all the speculation coming in every which form, one person has remained consistent in their belief – Leafs head coach Mike Babcock.

Babs has made it clear that he wants Nylander to sign with the team, and that he expects Nylander to sign with the team. He’s even gone so far to say that he assumes Nylander will sign with the team.

On Friday, Babcock was asked if he’s spoken to the young Swede since the beginning of his holdout season. Babcock filled in the reporters, explaining that he had, that it was pleasant, but that the Leafs would never beg someone to come play for them.




There’s a chance that Babcock is trying to speak it into existence more than anything. After all, he consistently maintains that he is not involved in that side of the team and often uses this reason to deflect hyperbole.

It won’t be long until we find out whether Babcock’s assumption  comes true.