The NHL season is quickly approaching, and fans are counting down the days. While training camps are now kicked off as the NHL stars chip off the rust, get used to their new surroundings, or build chemistry with their new teammates, some stars are making sure that they still make time for fun.

Enter the young Leafs squad. Yes, the whole Leafs squad averages out to be fairly young, but we’re talking about the REALLY young Leafs squad that spent the day getting damp at Niagara Falls.

From left to right, you’re looking at Zach Hyman, Frederik Gauthier, Travis Dermott, Connor Carrick, Frederik Andersen, and Mitch Marner. Add up all their ages and you get a shockingly young average of just under 24 years of age.



You know, even for their young age… They look REALLY young. There must be something going on with the lighting, or maybe somebody is playing some kind of prank, but there’s no way these guys suit up to play professional hockey looking like 15 year olds.

Either way, they were as happy as clams going to see the Falls on a sunny day.





Soon enough it will be time to hit the ice, where hopefully for the Leafs the smiling can continue!

(H/T Instagram/Leafs, Mitch Marner)