Remember the old "what colour is this dress" debate that had everyone on the internet talking?  Well, there's a new version of that same debate, but this one involves two names, "Yanny" and "Laurel".

When you listen to the clip, you hear one name or the other and the fact that not everyone is hearing the same name makes it like the debate about the colour of the dress.

Anyone who's on social media knows the clip went viral instantly and NBC Sports Boston used it as an opportunity to troll LeBron James after the Celtics' Game 2 win.

We can guarantee the only thing you hear is "Celtics up 2-0" and you have to tip your hat to NBC Sports Boston for cashing in on the debate in a funny way.

Now, listen to this clip and tell us what name you hear.  We're asking for a friend.

(H/T: NBC Sports Boston)