Baseball fans may not agree on everything, typically they don’t. But following the release of New Era’s latest line of “Local Market” inspired MLB caps, fans were able to join forces and agree that they did not like the hats one bit.

So much so that New Era even went and removed the caps from their website.

The hat design was predominately made up of the team logo, city area codes, franchise success, and staple items the city is known for.

Though a large deal of dismay was felt by fans due to certain area codes being represented on their team caps. Teams such as the St. Louis Cardinals and Tampa Bay Rays didn’t even have the area codes of the team’s stadiums. The Pittsburgh Pirates didn’t even include an area code! Do they not have phones in Pittsburgh?

For the Jays, they didn’t even include 647 or 905! What’s that about!?

In addition, a lot of people were not happy with the way their cities were represented. Both New York Teams had the same big apple and Statue of Liberty patches, as the Cardinals had a ravioli, Toronto a poutine, and we think the Braves had a UFO.

We’re a bit lost, we won’t lie here.

Though it was baseball fans online who truly had the last laugh on these caps.