You never know when a new internet trend is going to land, and you never know just how ridiculous it's going to be. One of the latest trends, for example, involves slapping people in the face with tortilla wraps.

While the slapping is usually dished out by the winner of a rock-paper-scissors showdown, and both the winner and the loser have a mouth full of water, we decided to use the "grainful" punishment in a different way. 

With the NFL season now officially underway, we can look forward to new memes, moments, and memories that help us to love the league so much. In celebration of the NFL's undying ability to entertain, Eric, Luca, and Poc decided to check out some of the funniest moments in recent history. 

One catch... you laugh, you get slapped!



We really should have just called this the Jameis Winston supercut - that guy is a walking meme. 

While all of the participants took their share of licks, the hardest laugh undoubtedly went to Luca when he watched Winston slowly tip backwards while awaiting the snap. In fairness, he DID avoid the false start penalty, but he did NOT earn Luca's perfect balance rating from moments before. 

With Week 1 officially in the books, we look forward to 17 more weeks of hilarity from the NFL. 

Oh, and some entertaining play as well.