As you may recall, J.R. Smith celebrated the Cavaliers’ 2016 NBA championship by spending the next few hours, and possibly days -- the timeline gets blurry -- in a shirtless stupor. It got to the point that even Barack Obama had to tell Smith to put a shirt on.

Following in this vein of NBA fun-havers celebrating titles by going sans shirt, here’s Nick Young turning a silk robe and a cigar into an absolute look:

What does the self-anointed Swag Champ have in store for his summer outfits? Well, to hear it in his words:

There you have it. Style advice from an NBA champion. The OG Shirtless Champ has already taken to Instagram to show some love for his fellow “no shirt brother.”


Between Young and Smith, this is quickly becoming a tradition among streaky, fun-loving NBA shooting guards to celebrate their first titles by going shirtless for absurd stretches of uninterrupted time. We’re here for it.

h/t Twitter/NBCSports