Both Odell Beckham Jr. and Cristiano Ronaldo are both transcendent athletes in their respective sports, shining both on and off the field.

Last week the two football stars met up for what looked to be a hangout arranged by Nike, with Cristiano showing Odell how he gets down in Madrid. Part of their day together included OBJ getting to see CR7's Bugatti, complete with custom sideskirt. Something Odell commented on.



Im just in Madrid koolin wit Real one... @cristiano

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You know you've got a baller car when someone who also has millions of dollars and a garage full of vehicles is impressed enough to stop and take a picture of it. Although, he didn't seem to agree with Cristiano having his CR7 branding on the side of the car, sliding in a quick chirp.

Apparently OBJ had a little trouble understanding Cristiano a few times during their meetup, as by his own admission, he needs to work on his Spanish. But language is no barrier between this two, as they both clearly have respect for one another, with OBJ referring to Cristiano as a "brother."