Things were different during Oilers head coach Dave Tippett's playing days in the 80s and early 90s. Back then, there was less money in the NHL, and fewer luxuries could be afforded to players for comfort or for any other reason.

Of course, NHLers playing in the league today have many more resources available to them, but when asked about back-to-back road sets for his team, Tippett had a few things to say about the difference between then and now.


Of those luxuries that today’s players have, many of those are in place so that the player can perform in peak form when they’re on the ice. Anything to maximize their rest time and reduce the rigors of a 82-game season.

But those work perks definitely weren’t there when Tippett played, and it just wasn’t a reality of the NHL at the time. You can see why, from his standpoint, he wouldn’t necessarily have have much sympathy for players today.

The Oilers, mind you, are not on a back-to-back set. They play against the Devils on Friday night, but they won't play any back-to-backs until November 23rd and 24th, when they take on the Golden Knights and Coyotes in straight nights on the road.