On Tuesday evening, history was made within Major League Baseball during the Baltimore Orioles visit to take on the Tampa Bay Rays.

For the first-time, an all-women broadcast called an MLB game.

As Melanie Newman, Alanna Rizzo, Sarah Langs, Heidi Watney and Lauren Gardner paved the way for future generations of the game with their incredible analysis and coverage between the two AL East teams, one Oriole in particular made an incredible comment on the events.

With Orioles outfielder Anthony Santander mic’d up for the game that evening, he was actually unaware of the broadcasts’ importance, being surprised as his teammate told him of the all-woman crew.

This is definitely one of the best sports moments we’ve seen within the past while. Players like Santander give women in the sports industry so much more faith that they can succeed within the industry.

Safe to say we are HUGE Santaner fans now.