The Washington Capitals may not have dominated the regular season quite the way they have in recent years, but they did manage to win the Stanley Cup anyway. This is basically the bizzaro world of what the Caps usually do, but nonetheless Alex Ovechkin and his gritty bunch of Caps are champions.

Ahead of the season, people were thinking that the Caps run as regular season juggernauts may be over. On the defensive, Ovi gave a preseason interview answer explaining that they are still a good team. And then…



The broken English answer had fans in stitches, and even Ovi himself played into the joke. He was pictured on Instagram wearing a shirt with his now famous quote.



Well you may have thought it ended there, it didn’t. In a post-Stanley Cup win interview, Ovi subtly brought the joke back while talking to Darren Dreger. If you didn’t know what he was talking about, you wouldn’t even notice, but at the 40 second mark you can hear him say “Everyone thought we were going to be suck”.



A dream come true for Alex #Ovechkin.

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One of the most likable qualities about Ovi is that he always seems to genuinely be having more fun than anyone else. Whether it’s following big victories, speaking in interviews, or trying to soak in his first Stanley Cup victory, he does so with emotion and passion.