He’s done it, he’s finally done it. Alex Ovechkin is a Stanley Cup Champion.

The veteran forward, who has been known in the past as a choker in the playoffs, finally secured his first Stanley Cup as the Washington Capitals beat the Vegas Golden Knights in a back-and-forth 4-3 affair. While fans loved to rip on Ovi for his perennial second round exits, most hockey fans seemed genuinely happy to see him finally raise Lord Stanley’s mug. Here are the heartwarming moments where the passionate Russian finally gets it in his hands.


It didn’t end there. Ovi went on to take the cup back multiple times, as his teammates knew who the star of the show was Thursday night.


After it was all said and done, Ovi still couldn’t figure out exactly what he wanted to say.


The unbelievable NHL career has finally achieved its most significant moment, and Ovi was right at the centre of it all. He went on to win the Conn Smythe Trophy, just to add a little extra tooth to his toothless smile.


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