A lot of hockey fans are sick and tired of offside reviews but those cheering for the Islanders on Tuesday night were feeling thankful for it.

Carter Verhaeghe thought he had scored his first career playoff goal afte ra beautiful top-shelf snipe short side, butttttt it turns out his teammate Cedric Paquette was offside. Like, very offside. So offside to the point you could almost fit a car between him and the blue line. Look, mistakes happen but how did the zebras miss this one?

Here, the puck isn’t even at the line yet and Paquette is already in the zone.


Embedded Image

Now let’s take a look at the puck by the time it’s on the blue line.


Embedded Image

Okay, maybe a car was an exaggeration. But it wasn’t THAT far off from when Matt Duchene went offside back in 2013. This one, unfortunately, was not overturned.


Errors happen but thankfully this one was able to get reviewed, especially when you consider the Isles ended up winning 2-1 in overtime… in an elimination game.

(H/T r/Hockey)