Patrick Beverly has apparently been fined $25K for trying to be a nice dude.

It’s not exactly that simple, but Beverly’s heart seemed to be in the right place over a pretty innocent-looking play. As time expired in the Clippers opener against the Lakers, Beverly chucked the ball deep into the stands at the Staples Center.  The eight-year vet claimed he was tossing it to two fans in the crowd, but the league clearly didn’t see it that way.


Here’s the play:


Poor, poor Patty. To make matters worse… he even received a DM from the fans who caught the ball. It pays to be a nice dude sometimes!!!!


It’s pretty wild to think Baker Mayfield was fined half the price for talking smack about NFL officials. A fine’s a fine, but at least Bev can keep his head up after this one. The 31-year-old is set to make $12,345,680 this season.

(H/T Barstool Sports)