In case you've completely been ignoring the Colorado Avalanche this season based on their disastrous campaign last year,  you're missing out on what could potentially be one of the greatest turnaround in NHL history.

Entering play Monday night, the Avalanche hold the second wild card spot in the West and they've won nine straight games.  Colorado has also won four more games this season than they did all of last season.

We weren't lying when we said this could be the greatest turnaround in NHL history, especially if the Avalanche can make the playoffs after the year they had last season and after trading away one of their best players in Matt Duchene.

Speaking of Duchene, Saturday after Colorado's ninth-straight win, Erik Johnson talked about how the team has been able to find success after such a tough season a year ago and people are convinced he took a not to subtle shot at Duchene.

The subtle shot is about saying it's not working here and jumping ship as Duchene reportedly asked to be traded last year and finally got his wish early this season.
Ever since he was traded, though, the Avalanche and Nathan MacKinnon have been on another level.
(H/T: Rick Sadowski)