The hidden-ball trick is one that, if executed to perfection, works every time and fools everyone in the stands and on the opposing team.

It takes a lot of practice and selling to get the hidden-ball trick to work.  In fact, selling it might be the most important part of the entire trick and it's not just the pitcher that has to sell it.

Every player on the fielding team has to sell it and if they do, it looks something like this:

It's a bold move to attempt a hidden-ball trick in the American Legion World Series, but Nevada executed to perfection.

The pitcher acted so upset that he "threw" the ball away when really it was in his glove the entire time.  He just had to sell it enough for the Delaware player to start running to third before flipping it to his teammate and eventually getting the out.

Nevada had the play of the night with that hidden-ball trick, but they ultimately fell 1-0 to Delaware in the game.

(H/T: SportsCenter)