In case you haven’t heard, hockey is back.

It might not look like it usually does, but it’s hockey, and we sure did miss it.

The NHL has a bubble to ensure everyone’s safety, and while we definitely wish we had a BarDown bubble, we absolutely do not. What we do have, though, is the return of the ASHL.

The BarDown team is finally back on the ice, with a whole slew of extra precautions and rules. In fact, there’s so many of them that we decided to make a whole video to outline them.

Corwin takes you on a tour of what ASHL hockey is like in a pandemic, and some of the rules are wild.



There’s definitely a lot of new twists and turns, but we’re glad hockey is back, and we’re even happier we can play safely.

So, what rule is the craziest? Was it the penalty shot? The airport security at the door?

Let us know @BarDown!