On Monday, Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee passed away at the age of 95.

At first glance, it may not appear as though the man that brought our favourite superheroes to life had an impact on the sports world, but looking back at Lee's life and legacy, it's easy to see the connections between the two worlds.

For us and many others, the connections started with the NHL's Guardian 30 Project.


Lee created a specific superhero for each NHL team and they were revealed at the 2011 NHL All-Star game.


Aside from the Guardians, Lee's superheroes have inspired hockey teams to make their own superhero-themed jerseys and most, if not all, always look incredible.

It's incredibly unfortunate that Lee is no longer with us, but what he was able to create and accomplish over the course of his life will continue to influence the sports world in unique ways and he'll never be forgotten.