Over the last season and a half, Robin Lehner’s journey in the NHL has been one of the most inspiring we’ve ever heard. Battling substance abuse and depression is no small feat, but he seems to genuinely be happier than he was before, and his play in the crease has improved as well.

While a timeshare in the New York Islanders crease was good to him, he’s proven it wasn’t a one off this season. Now manning the blue paint in Chicago, Lehner has posted an impressive .938 save percentage in 13 appearances. Unfortunately, there’s one part of his game that continues to haunt him.

The shootout. That darn shootout.



On Monday, Lehner spoke with the media about his shootout struggles. In an extremely candid soundbite, Lehner aired it ALL out.



It’s always nice when players have the guts to tell the media how they really feel, and overall it seems like fans are pretty supportive of the Swedish goalie.



(H/T NBC Sports Blackhawks)