Serge Ibaka clearly has clearly been keeping tabs on Raptors fans this season, because he’s doing a great job trolling them about the only thing they seem to talk about these days.

The Raptors have been such a successful franchise since 2013 that they’ve become one of the fan bases that doesn’t worry too much about anything until the Playoffs come around. There are basically two ways that this Raptors season will be remembered:

  • If they make it to the NBA Championships
  • If Kawhi stays

Playing off of fans’ nerves about the latter evaluator, Serge Ibaka has been having some fun.

First, he posted a video asking Kawhi if he’s coming back next year (That looks a little edited):

His latest trick comes on April Fool’s day where he posted the supposed video with Kawhi Leonard, but for 90% of the video, it’s just a loading screen.

Pretty great troll from Ibaka.

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