Many casual hockey fans think it’s easy to score on an empty net, but this isn’t always the case.

Sure, if you’re in on a breakaway and there’s no goalie, you’re expected to pot the biscuit. But if this isn’t the case, you need to get a clean shot, against a team that is doing absolutely anything to prevent that. They also have an extra player and are basically on a power-play type situation.

Now back the shooting point up all the way across the ice. In fact, leave the ice and head up the stands to take a shot off the concourse. Oh, and make the target even smaller. Now we’re talking.

SPHL player John Schiavo showed off a cool trick shot when he launched some sauce across the arena.



It would be pretty difficult to land the puck on the ice, let alone to slide it the rest of the length and into that tiny target.

Trick shots are becoming more and more common, but the creativity is always fun to watch. This is a trick we’ve seen before, but not necessarily from a human being…



(H/T Instagram/John Schiavo)