Now more than ever, we’re seeing mental health being prioritized within the world of sport. Simone Biles, Lane Johnson, and Calvin Ridley are a few recent examples of athletes that have decided to put their mental health ahead of their craft, and they’ve received a lot of support from the decisions.

On Monday, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs spoke about the importance of mental wellbeing when answering a question about his positive headspace in Buffalo. For nearly two and a half minutes, Diggs absolutely nails the answer.



One of the most impactful elements of his answer is when he acknowledges that he used to believe more in “tough love,” but has since learned to embrace those that are struggling. He also speaks about fellow star receiver Ridley, and how re respects the decision Ridley made to step away from the Atlanta Falcons.

The answer was received with an overwhelming amount of positivity.



(H/T ESPN, NFL Network)