It might be the offseason, but T.J. Oshie is still partying away.

The Stanley Cup winning champion was on hand for the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship down in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and busted out some dance moves with none other than Jeremy Roenick.

Moves like JR .Not a bad jumper on T.J., too.

On Thursday, Oshie took his daughter, Leni, out on the course where he they drained a hole-in-one together.

After the first round of play, Joe Pavelski sat atop of the leaderboard with a strong opening score of 24 points.

 As of Saturday afternoon, Pavelski lead the tournament with a five point lead over Mark Mulder. According to the Wisconsin State Golf Association, Pavelski is a scratch golf and boasts a 0.6 handicap.

Other notable athletes who are doing well so far include Mark Rypien, Tony Romo, Ray Allen, Trent Dilfer, Adam Thielen, Aaron Rodgers, Jeremy Roenick, John Smolts and Greg Maddux and Steph Curry.

(h/t NBC Sports)