A number represents a lot for a hockey player. It’s a huge part of their identity and really says a lot about the kind of player they are. Snipers, for example, like to roll in the 90s while more low key players tend to elect lower numbers. Some work while some… don’t.

Look, we’re all for creativity but some numbers are just best to stay away form. Whether it’s because it looks ugly on the back or a lousy player wore it beforehand, these five dusty digits should be left off the back of your jersey.

Without further ado…


Yup, pretty accurate. 64 is so dust and sorry Aussie but leave 34 to the tendies pal. Like that one belongs to Mikka Kiprosoff pal, not you. Also- if you think 69 is the most dust then you’re wrong. Only legends wear 69.


So, what do you think the dustiest