The Anaheim Ducks owe their existence to the success of the original Mighty Ducks film franchise, and now in their 25th season in the NHL, they’re celebrating their roots by bringing back their old Mighty Ducks sweaters.


On Sunday, the team even invited a few members of the Mighty Ducks to take in their most recent game, completing the experience with a photo-op and jerseys bearing the nameplates of their characters. Kenan Thompson (Russ Tyler), Colombe Jacobsen (Julie Gaffney), Danny Tamberelli (Tommy Duncan), Garette Henson (Guy Germaine) and Vincent Larusso (Adam Banks) were all present as the Ducks visited the New York Islanders in Long Island.



The Anaheim Ducks, hosting some Mighty Ducks 👀 • (📸: @anaheimducks)

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In their Instagram post, the team also teased the involvement of the Mighty Ducks in “a few other fun projects,” which are surely tied into their 25th anniversary plans. It’s cool to see the Mighty Ducks being worked back into the image of the modern Anaheim Ducks, whether temporary or not. Plenty of people still have love for the original films, and the series may even make a comeback in the form of a TV reboot.

Take it from paid professional baseball guy Bryce Harper, whose take on a “huge hockey guy” prominently includes some Mighty Ducks gear.



Bryce Harper repping Charlie Conway 👀🔥 • (📸: @bharper3407)

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