Here we are again.

The MLB is having probably one of the oddest seasons in sports right now and the unusualness just does not look to have an end in sight.

The coronavirus pandemic is being taken very seriously across the entire globe. With that, every league has put provisions and protocols in place to ensure everyone is safe, fans are able to watch sports again, and players are allowed to play again - over 100 pages to be exact.

MLB made it clear in its healthy and safety guidelines that fighting would not be tolerated, the league is already playing outside a bubble and travelling. Just a few weeks ago the livelihood of the league was threatened as outbreaks continue to plague teams around MLB, cancelling and postponing games.

On Sunday, the Astros and Athletics threw every COVID-19 safety precaution out the window in a bench clearing brawl when Ramon Laureano, after being hit with a pitch for the second time in the game, was taunted by hitting coach Alex Cintron emptying both dugouts.

Definitely the last thing MLB wanted to see during a time like this.