Ladies and gentlemen. WE. ARE. BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so we technically didn’t go anywhere. But say goodbye to the Zoom quizzes because the squad was able to get back together (with social distancing in mind) to bring you one of our best quizzes yet! As much as we love the BarDown office, we figured it was time to kick things up a notch with a new location. So… we made our way downtown to the one… the only…


This wasn’t our first rodeo at the Hall, as it served as the location for out first live quiz, but this was the first one that was filmed and posted to YouTube. So, sit back, kick your feet up, relax, and enjoy our highest quality quiz to date. No more Zoom pixels, just some quality camera and audio work in this one!


Has Z’s voice ever sounded so smooth? Just gives us chills listening to it in this!

It’s as if nothing changed. Corwin won, Luca sounded off about the trap card, Sam struggled, Emilie made a crack about the Canadiens and Jesse, well, made another head-scratching comment. Finding Frank Mahovlich? It’s Being John Malkovich, bud. And if these challenging questions weren’t enough, try giving this one a shot… Z just out here stumpin’ the kids!



Swipe for the answer 👉

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A huge thanks to the Hall of Fame for playing host. How cool is it that we’ve now had TWO quizzes there? A reminder that if this one gets over 10K likes in the first 24 hours… a third one could be on the way!