It takes a lot for a team to run it back when it comes to winning another championship. Teams that go back-to-back usually go down in history as it is one of the hardest feats to accomplish as a team in any sport.

In football it is even harder.

One way for a team to try and repeat as champions and keep their core for as long as possible; just like the Raptors tried to do with their 2019 championship squad. They couldn’t accomplish that with Kawhi Leonard but still made a decent run at the title the year after in the NBA playoff bubble. With franchise tags and such short careers it can be difficult to get players to come back especially after a Super Bowl in the NFL.

The Buccaneers however have been making it look easy ti "run it back" being the first team in the Super Bowl era to resign all 22 of their starters from the previous Super Bowl.

That is SCARY and likely means we will be seeing more moments like this from Tom Brady and the boys, he seemed super excited about bringing back his lead back as well.

(H/T FieldYates)