The new EA Sports NHL 18 video game will be released on September 15th, and as is perennially the case at this time of year, gamers are fired up.



#ConnorMcDavid has been named the cover althete of #NHL18 🏒

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According to EA’s website, the game will feature new creative attack controls and the first ever defensive skill stick. It will also feature a new arcade-inspired 3-on-3 mode, and the option of creating an expansion draft with a new 32nd team.



Asked some fans who should be on the #NHL18 cover 😉 @easportsnhl

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One of the new features some fans look for in the game is the Stanley Cup celebration. Year after year it seems to get significantly more realistic, and NHL 18 was no exception. Check out this simulation which actually has the Predators defeating the penguins in the championship series.


Everything about the celebration was pretty spot on. The huddling around goaltender Pekka Rinne looked no different than a real team celly, but the trophies are what makes’ NHL 18’s particularly special. Here’s another look at them.

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Incredible stuff. On another note, poor Sid.

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The EA games have come an extremely long way over the years. Once upon a time, the ceremony was quick and uncomfortably pixelated. Here’s a look at some of them from the past.

EA NHL 2000



EA NHL 2001



EA NHL 2006



EA NHL 2017


They keep getting better and better. We’re sure that in a year’s time we’ll be left in even more amazement after examining Chel 19’.

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