Seattle is such a great city, but it feels like something's missing from the city.

Sure, Seattle has the Mariners, Seahawks and Sounders, but a major city like that should also have and NBA and NHL team.

Fans have been wanting a hockey and basketball team back in Seattle for quite some time, and other athletes that play in Seattle such as Russell Wilson are trying to help the city get what it deserves.

While most casual fans of sports know about the SuperSonics, they may not be familiar with the Seattle Metropolitans.

The hockey team was around from 1915-1924 and five players that played for the Metropolitans are in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

How are the Metropolitans relevant now?  Well, according to Andrew McIntosh of, the NHL acquired the trademark rights for the team in Canada.

The fact that the NHL has acquired those rights is interesting in itself, but here's where the story gets even more intriguing, the trademarks for the team in the United States are owned by a 26-year-old former prep school hockey player.

Paul Kim is the entrepreneur's name, and he's been selling Metropolitans gear to raise awareness of the team, according to this New York Times article by Tom Gierasimczuk.

While there is still a lot of work to be done to get a professional hockey team in Seattle, it's encouraging for hockey fans to see that there is work being done to make it happen.

(H/T: Business Journal Seattle